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Following on from the previous post about hobby World War III, I have to admit that WarGames is one of the few things I consider to be capital-GS Geek Scripture. I can’t think of anything more custom designed (computer hacking, nuclear war, Ally Sheedy, cranky scientist hermit, pranking the government, victory via brains instead of strength) to laser beam into my 18 year old reptile brain. Certainly meant much more to me in 1983 than the end of Star Wars.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to play Global Thermonuclear War and twenty-four years later, I finally can. Thanks for the port Ambrosia Software. It’s the first game that’s held my attention since the days of Diablo II and can be relatively quick enough to play during a lunch break from work.

Here’s a screenshot (it’s the Big Board!) for Jonson, as South America is about to get pounded by the Imperialist Yanqui Pig-Dogs.


Author: Chris Barrus

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4 thoughts on “Would you like to play a game?”

  1. Sweet Jesus in heaven, I’ve been playing the game for hours & I have no idea how you got that Dragon Bonus! Is there a secret unlockable weapon?

  2. Is it worth it? Is it lightweight (ie can I run it while running Firefox and 30 other apps?)

  3. I believe that the Dragon Bonus appears when you adopt a strategy that’s so incomprehensible that it forces your opponent to stall for 30 minutes of game time. I have the best luck in getting the Dragon Bonus when I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

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